Police establish fund for children of woman beat to death with hammer
Mar 31,2009 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

BEAVERTON, Ore. –  Beaverton Police are donating time and money and have established a fund to assist the children of Nabintu Kalamba, a 49-year old woman bludgeoned to death with a hammer by her husband Namegabe Mushegero, 51, earlier this month.

Three of the couple’s children, eight- and thirteen-year-old boys named Akili and Amina, and one of their daughters, Ahadi Kelekele, 24, witnessed the murder. “This was a very traumatic event and what these children witnessed is incomprehensible,” police said.

Namegabe Mushegero – WCJ photo 

According to a news release issued by the Beaverton Police Department, police responded to the home of the victim and the suspect at 6155 SW King Boulevard shortly after 1 a.m., March 16.

The couple’s daughter, Ahadi had called police after she was awakened by her two younger brothers screaming upstairs and witnessed, “in utter shock”, her father attack her mother with a hammer.

Police found Kalamba deceased, and after interviewing Mushegero arrested him for murder. The suspect told police that he beat his wife with the hammer because she was going to leave him, the news release stated.

The children are now living with a relative; however, the relative is not equipped with the finances or the living space to take on three additional dependants. The relative taking the children in is moving to a new residence to help accommodate the additional space requirements. In addition, basic needs such as furniture, clothing, and food are greatly needed.

Police have facilitated the opening of a bank account at US Bank to help cover expenses for the basic immediate needs of the children. Police are partnering with the community to help the kids with the short term needs and possibly assist with long term needs as well. The account and the distribution of any funds will initially be overseen by members of the police department but will eventually be turned over to a trust fund attorney for guardianship. For further information, visit the “help kids” web page at the Beaverton Police web site.

“Citizens can help by going to their nearest US Bank and donating to the KeleKele fund,” police said.