No widespread damage seen from Conficker
Apr 01,2009 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON -- Fears that the computer worm Conficker.c would cause widespread April Fools' Day chaos were proving unfounded Wednesday, U.S. experts said.

Computer security experts warily watching infected systems said that while the malicious code activated itself as expected Wednesday, no reports of major problems had surfaced, CNN reported.

"As long as you've patched or at least brought your antivirus software up to speed, you should be fine," Chris Pirillo, a CNN tech expert, told the broadcaster, crediting the calm to widespread availability of software patches.

"I believe just about everybody out there has a removal tool," he said, adding, however, that Conficker had caused some problems. The self-replicating code appeared to cause some computer systems to run at less than optimum speeds in the worst cases.

Any major damage from the worm will be limited, added Lawrence Baldwin, chief forensics officer with of Atlanta, telling CNN, "I don't suspect that we're going to have any kind of global meltdown as a result of this thing."

Baldwin said Conficker's purpose seemed to be to deploy an array of secondary malware such as spam, key loggers and adware designed to allow criminals to make money.

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