Mass grave found in Alabama
Apr 01,2009 00:00 by UPI

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Construction workers preparing a building site adjacent to a cemetery in downtown Montgomery, Ala., unearthed a mass grave from the 19th century, police say.

The grave found Tuesday is believed to contain victims from an epidemic of yellow fever that swept through the city in the 1870s, CNN reported Wednesday.

"Based on the information we have from historical documents kept by the actual cemetery, it does appear that it may be remains from a yellow fever epidemic in the 1870s," said Maj. Huey Thornton of the Montgomery Police Department.

Thornton said officials from the Alabama Archaeological Society and the Alabama Historical Association have been asked to confirm the origin of the mass grave.

It was not immediately known how many bodies were buried at the site.

The grave was uncovered following the demolition of two buildings constructed in the 1940s.

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