Hungary lacking more than 6,000 physicians
Apr 02,2009 00:00 by UPI

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Hungary's state-run hospitals are lacking more than 6,000 physicians, including psychiatrists and emergency room specialists, a media report said.

The government should increase wages in the state-run medical facilities to solve the problem for the long term, the Hungarian news agency MTI said.

In an effort to cope with the situation, the government plans to invest $4.6 million in a healthcare program and another $16 million from EU funds to lure doctors in the most-needed specialties, Mihaly Kokeny, chairman of the Hungarian parliamentary health committee, said Thursday.

Besides specialists in psychiatry and emergency care wards, Hungarian hospitals badly need doctors specializing in internal and lung ailments, the Nepszava daily newspaper said.

Hungary has 34,000 physicians, about 32 doctors per 10,000 citizens, the daily said quoting a survey conducted by the Health Ministry.

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