Funds for Dallas levee repairs in question
Apr 03,2009 00:00 by UPI

DALLAS -- Repairs to the vast levee system in Dallas may not be paid for by $459 million in approved federal funds, an official says.

Kevin Craig, director of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Trinity River project, said while the U.S. Congress approved the funds in 2007 for the Texas project, those funds may be unavailable when levee repairs take place, The Dallas Morning News said Friday.

"Right now, we are still looking at the policy issues attached to all of that," Craig said.

"Part of it will depend on what the fixes are and how those fixes relate to the authorization for raising the levees, for instance," he added.

The authorized funds were designated for Water Resources Development Act use, meaning they cannot be used for basic maintenance of the levees, the Morning News said. Under the act, the funds have been earmarked for uses such as widening existing levees, ecosystem restoration and drainage improvements.

The Morning News said questions regarding repair funding comes in the wake of a corps report that questioned the levees' ability to protect Dallas.

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