Marine Board looking for boaters saved by a life jacket
Apr 03,2009 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources
OREGON -- If you’ve ever been boating and unexpectedly wound up in the water with your life jacket on, then the Marine Board wants to hear your story.
“For the last few years we’ve focused our life jacket campaign on some amazing survivor stories,” says Ashley Massey, Public Information Officer for the Marine Board.  “We’ve highlighted a variety of survivors, including an angler whose boat capsized near the Columbia River bar, an OSP Trooper whose boat capsized on the Santiam River, a duck hunter whose motor malfunctioned and fell overboard, and a boater floating the McKenzie River when his pontoon boat came apart.  In all of those cases, the boaters would have likely drowned if they hadn’t been wearing their life jackets,” Massey warns.  “None of them expected to get wet.”
The Marine Board has been educating the public about wearing life jackets for years, and for the last six years, has produced public service announcements for television and radio and produced print ads with the survivors’ stories. 
“It’s important to create a message that people can identify with.  By using real-life stories, boating situations hit a little closer to home,” Massey says.  Although adults are not required to wear a life jacket, only to have one “readily accessible,” often there isn’t time in an emergency to put one on. 
“We’re interested this year in hearing from boaters who’ve had a close call on a lake or reservoir in a motorized boat, and survived because they wore a life jacket,” says Massey.  One story will be selected and the survivor will be highlighted in television and radio spots.
To share your story, contact Ashley Massey at 503-378-2623 or by
email.  You can view the 2008 print ad with survivor Doug Welsh and his wife, Wendy online.