Hollywood Exclusive: Ask Stacy
Apr 03,2009 00:00 by Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smi

DEAR STACY: On the TV show, "The Bachelor," Jason has a son. Can you tell me where the little boy's mother is? — G.P., the Bronx

DEAR G.P.: Model and aspiring designer Hilary Madison Wynn — Jason Mesnick's ex-wife — lives in Seattle and shares custody of son Ty "50-50," according to Mesnick. She stayed out of the public eye while his cycle of the show was airing, but recently has started getting more attention. She's featured in the video "Happy" by Seattle band Out From Underneath.

DEAR STACY: Is Will Ferrell's George Bush Broadway show going to be out on DVD? — Tim B., Torrance, Calif.

DEAR TIM: "You're Welcome America: A Final Night With George W. Bush," which scored a hit for HBO when shown on the cable giant last month, will be coming to DVD, but no release date has been announced as of this writing. Beware of knockoffs being advertised on the Internet — they could be of very poor quality.

DEAR STACY: Isn't the voice-over for the Mercedes-Benz commercial that of "John-Boy" of "The Waltons"? — Ernest E., Briarwood, N.Y.

DEAR ERNEST: Richard Thomas has indeed narrated Mercedes spots over the last few years.

DEAR STACY: Can you please give us some information on Regis Philbin — age, height, number of marriages? Thanks! — Pat S., Spokane, Wash.

DEAR PAT: Age: 77. Height: 5 feet 7 inches. Two marriages

DEAR STACY: I've always loved "WKRP in Cincinnati," so imagine my delight when WGN America started showing it Sunday nights. Which got me wondering, what happened to the members of that wonderful cast? — Mavis B., Lake Katrine, N.Y.

DEAR MAVIS: Tim Reid, whose other series include "Sister, Sister," "Frank's Place" and a recurring role on "That '70s Show," continues his busy career as an actor-filmmaker-TV director. Last year, he and his standup comedy partner of the '60s and '70s, Tom Dreesen, came out with their book, "Tim & Tom: An American Comedy in Black and White." Loni Anderson, who played Tori Spelling's mom in the series "So noTORIous" in '06, married folk singer Bob Flick last year, with friends and family including Quinton Reynolds, her adopted son with ex Burt Reynolds, on hand. Gary Sandy has done a lot of theater work in regional and touring companies of shows like "The Music Man" and "Chicago," as well as racking up guest shots on other series since "WKRP." Howard Hesseman has logged TV guest credits on shows including "ER," "Psych" and "John From Cincinnati," as well as movies including the upcoming "Dirty Politics," "All About Steve," and "H2: Halloween 2." Jan Smithers left the business years ago and is reportedly now living in Ojai, California. Richard Sanders, who's also written for TV, has done lower-profile fare in recent years, such as the 2006 indie film, "Expiration Date." Ditto actor and director Frank Bonner, seen in the 2008 "Remembering Phil." Gordon Jump died of pulmonary fibrosis in 2003.

DEAR STACY: We were talking about Katherine Helmond and how much we enjoyed her on "Soap" and other shows. Is she still with us? — Mary W., Chattanooga, Tenn.

DEAR MARY: Yes, indeed. Now 80 years old, the comedically gifted actress' last series role was her recurring part as Ray Romano's mother-in-law in "Everybody Loves Raymond." The veteran of several Terry Gilliam films was also seen in the Hallmark Channel movie "A Grandpa for Christmas" with Ernest Borgnine in '07. Helmond and her 10-years-younger husband, David Christian, have been married since 1962.

DEAR STACY: I recently saw the Nickelodeon movie "Spectacular!" and have become a fan of its lead actor, Nolan Gerard Funk. Is he single? Please give info. — Susan S., Hurley, N.Y.

DEAR SUSAN: The 22-year-old actor-singer-dancer from Vancouver, B.C., is single. He's 6 feet tall, speaks French, has been a competitive diver and gymnast, has an older sister, and is an environmentalist involved in Nickelodeon's The Big Green Help and other eco activities. His father is a psychologist and he credits his mother, who sings and plays the piano, for sparking his love of music. In addition to a guest role on ABC's "Castle," and the now-in-development "Spectacular 2," he has done the 2009 release movies "The Wilderness Family," "Malevolence: Bereavement," and "Triple Dog."

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