Home Zone: Personalize your place with expressive hardware
Apr 06,2009 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

Savvy homeowners and designers know the quickest, cheapest and most efficient way to spice up those cabinets. You don't need to replace or even paint cabinetry, merely add some new hardware.

HomeCrest Cabinetry's new Signature Collection of hardware delivers personalized style to any home. Photo courtesy of HomeCrest Cabinetry. 
HomeCrest Cabinetry's new Portfolio Collection of hardware also personalizes any home. Photo courtesy of HomeCrest Cabinetry. 

The new Signature and Portfolio Collections from HomeCrest Cabinetry give that special touch with styles ranging from rustic to sleek metro-urban.

— The Portfolio Collection: It offers the bold and rustic to minimal and modern in order to complete your style. Choices range from whimsical to classical and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes in popular metal finishes.

Swirling designs in Satin Nickel provide a special touch to baths by adding radiant dimensions to either light or dark cabinetry. Twisting styles in Weathered Nickel bring a sense of antique sophistication. The Rustic Copper finish has an airy but historic feel, while Rustic Tin subtly catches light and Venetian Bronze offers up a soft, glowing tone.

The collection also presents pulls with a clean line featuring a simple, elongated curve. Knobs come in round, square and oval shapes, featuring designs with concentric circles, ridged edges and unique sculptural textures that remind you of Old World metalwork.

— The Signature Collection: It provides choices in both historic and contemporary looks. This hardware adds a refined touch to kitchens and personality to baths; it gives you a sense of style in the home office.

For rustic themes and dark cabinetry, the Black Iron finish illustrates that solid and substantive look. Pulls and knobs in the oil-rubbed Bronze Highlight finish show off richly colored surfaces, which add warmth. A hint of sunlight is also evoked with these rounded and square Arts and Crafts designs.

You can also choose the casual design of the linear Metro Steel Bar finished in Satin Nickel. Other finishes in the collection include Chrome and classic Antique Copper.

For more information, visit www.homecrestcab.com.


It's tough enough keeping the edges of paint cans clean much less the paint trays. Clearly Clean Products, LLC, offers help with the Peel-Away Paint Tray.

The tray has built-in, peel-off liners that allow it to be used a total of five times. Plus you can take the liner off, while the paint is still wet, and squeeze it back into the can. The 9-inch trays also aid in keeping you green. Did you know a typical cleaning of a traditional paint tray could waste up to 10 gallons of water?

Not only do these trays eliminate the need for water when cleaning up, they are also made of 50-percent recycled material and use only half of the materials needed for five average tray inserts.

And inserts can be a pain.

"Anyone who has ever attempted to purchase inserts for a paint tray and struggled to ensure the correct fit understands the benefits of built-in liners," said Millard Wallace, the product's inventor.

And they are a breeze to work with.

"Clearly Clean is excited by the launch of the Peel-Away Paint Tray because there is simply nothing else like it on the market today," said Jeff Maguire, president of Clearly Clean Products.

"With this product, there is no longer the need to clean your paint tray — a messy, time-consuming and dreaded chore. Painters everywhere can now take a lunch break or start a new paint job without the hassle. Plus, you are able to easily save excess paint rather than washing your money down the drain."

The tray retails for about $8. For more information, call (888) 769-8723 or visit www.peelawaytray.com.

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