Home Zone: Dishwasher 'in sink' with multitaskers
Dec 08,2006 00:00 by Linda Pescatore

No more leaving the dishwasher door wide open after mealtime, hoping your family and guests will take the hint and leave their tableware in it - in-sink models let you load the dishwasher while standing at the basin. And one model, the Briva from KitchenAid, even lets you use the space as a sink when you're not using it as a dishwasher.

VERSATILITY ON TAP - KitchenAid's Briva in-sink dishwasher is the only such model that can double as a full second sink, according to the manufacturer. CNS Photo courtesy of KitchenAid.
By removing its rack and spray arm, the Briva, winner of several industry design awards, transforms one side of its double-sink design into a full second sink. KitchenAid says Briva is the only in-sink model that can make that claim.

When you don't need a sink or a dishwasher, you can still put the Briva to work by covering the lid with an included cutting board.

That space-saving versatility makes Briva a good fit where you need a dishwasher, but not a full-size one. That could mean a small kitchen, a second kitchen, or a very busy kitchen.

The Briva was originally designed for installation in custom 42- or 48-inch cabinets, but an updated model will fit a standard 36-inch cabinet. The new model features the same dishwasher, but with a smaller sink.

The dishwasher's 14-inch-deep compartment can handle as many as five place settings, with plates as wide as 11 inches in diameter.

Briva was designed to make fast work of dirty dishes. Using its own optional dedicated water heater, the Briva takes just 18 minutes to wash a lightly soiled load, or 30 minutes for a regular load. That's two or three times as fast as a standard dishwasher.

Seldom-used bowls, utensils, or wine glasses can be rinsed before used for serving by utilizing Briva's two-minute rinse-only cycle. A 160-degree sanitizing option is available during the quick wash, normal and pot-scrub cycles. The Briva also features sound insulation that keeps your kitchen quiet and a flash-dry option that lets you unload clean dishes immediately.

The 36-inch model retails for $1,849, and the 42-inch model is $30 more. To find a dealer, call 800-422-1230 or visit www.kitchenaid.com.


Does your sound system do justice to your high-end, high-tech flat-panel television? Upscale audio company Artison recently released some innovative speakers and subwoofers that solve common problems while improving a room's aesthetics.

ENTERTAINMENT CENTERED - Although housed in just two slim cabinets, Masterpiece LCR speakers include left, center and right channels, thanks to patented DualMono center channel technology. CNS Photo courtesy of Artison.
The company's Masterpiece LCR speakers - which they incorporate left, center and right channels - mount directly to the sides of any size flat-panel TV in two slim cabinets, not the usual three. Instead of being housed in a separate, cumbersome box, the center channel resides in the upper section of each cabinet, thanks to patented DualMono center channel technology, according to Artison.

The technology produces clear dialogue that seems to come from the center of the screen, not from above or below it, the company says.

Because the grilles the speakers rest in are ordered separately according to the consumer's TV model, the Masterpiece speakers match the TV size perfectly and appear to be an integral part of the unit, as long as the set measures 42 inches or more, said Bambi Christie, Artison's vice president of marketing.

"We have production for almost everything out there," Christie said, adding that the company could create a customized grille should the need arise.

At $2,500 per pair, including grilles, Masterpiece is the top of the line that includes two other models: Sketch, $1,200, and Portrait, $1,800.

The company also recently introduced its RCC 600 subwoofer, which they claim is the world's first and only reactance-canceling in-wall powered subwoofer. That means it doesn't occupy valuable floor space and, unlike previous in-wall subwoofers, won't cause the walls to hum and rattle because of its patented cabinet design that cancels extraneous vibrations, according to Artison. It retails for $2,000.

Artison's products are available through custom-installation audio dealers nationwide, including Tweeter stores. For more information visit www.artisonusa.com.

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