Ex-cop's 'passive' cocaine suit tossed
Apr 08,2009 00:00 by UPI

NEW YORK -- A New York City judge ruled that an ex-police officer can't have his job back despite his claims that the cocaine in his system came from his girlfriend.

Supreme Court Justice Eileen Rakower said Jon Goldin had voluntarily agreed to be tested in 2006 and wasn't eligible to return to the force even though the New York Police Department had been ordered to halt the testing in 2007.

The 15-year-veteran was a helicopter pilot when he was terminated last year and had filed a lawsuit claiming the cocaine that turned up had been transferred to him during sex with his girlfriend, who was a regular cocaine user.

The New York Daily News said Wednesday the lawsuit contended that while Goldin never used drugs and also abstained from alcohol and coffee, he picked up passive traces of the drug through sweat and oral sex with his girlfriend.

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