Scotland Yard: Video 'raises concerns'
Apr 08,2009 00:00 by UPI

LONDON -- Amateur video shot during the Group of 20 summit protests in London showing police shoving a man who later died "raises concerns," Scotland Yard's chief says.

Metropolitan Police Service Commissioner Paul Stephenson released a statement Wednesday saying a cellphone video showing passerby Ian Tomlinson, 47, being violently pushed to the ground from behind by a police officer without provocation justifies a thorough investigation, The Daily Telegraph reported.

"My thoughts are with Mr. Tomlinson's family at this time," Stephenson said. "The images that have now been released raise obvious concerns and it is absolutely right and proper that there is a full investigation into this matter, which the (London Metropolitan Police) will fully support."

The video, given to The Guardian newspaper by a New York fund manager, shows Tomlinson walking ahead of a cordon of police with his hands in his pockets when a riot-helmeted officer strikes him in the legs with a baton and pushes him to the street, where he lands face-first. After receiving help from passersby, he sits up and walks away, The Telegraph said.

Tomlinson, however, died a few moments later of what was reported to be a heart attack.

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