Buffalo school maintains piercings stance
Apr 08,2009 00:00 by UPI

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Charter School for Applied Technologies in Buffalo, N.Y., will keep its dress code regulations that outlaw student piercings, the school's founder says.

Businessman Fred Saia, who serves as school board president, said while Charter sophomore Vallery Marx has been leading a call for facial jewelry to be allowed at the school, the board of trustees has denied such a request, The Buffalo News said Wednesday.

"We have to keep the tradition that we started," Saia said of Tuesday's board ruling.

"There's always going to be a minority of students that want something different, a minority of employees that want something different," added Saia, whose school aims to prepare students for the workplace.

Marx, who has 13 piercings in her ears and face, called for a change in dress code policy after being cited for violations of the school rules, the newspaper said.

"I'm never an obedient student," Vallery told the News when asked if she would honor the board's decision.

"Maybe a little bit more, if it keeps me out of trouble."

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