Mortgage rates, vets' care for Obama
Apr 09,2009 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON -- Mortgage rates and veterans' healthcare were on U.S. President Barack Obama's agenda Thursday, his first full day of public activity since his European trip.

Obama was to be the host for a round-table discussion on the impact of historically low interest rates, meeting with several homeowners who have benefited by refinancing mortgages to a lower rate, the White House said. Members of Obama's economic team also will attend the discussion.

Obama also planned to meet with Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shineski to announce a plan to improve the healthcare system for veterans.

Thursday evening, Obama and his family were scheduled celebrate the beginning of Passover with a seder at the White House with friends and staff.

A presidential aide said Obama's attendance at the commemoration of the end of enslavement of Jews in Egypt apparently is the first time a president participated in a seder at the White House, the Chicago Tribune reported. Former President Bill Clinton's staff had seders but the president didn't attend.

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