Obama's brother denied re-entry to Britain
Apr 13,2009 00:00 by UPI

LONDON -- British officials said they refused to issue a visa to U.S. President Obama's brother to re-enter Britain after he was questioned on attempted sexual assault.

Samson Obama, a half-brother of the U.S. president, was arrested in November after a group of girls told police a man fitting his description approached them and followed them into a cafe, The Times of London reported Monday.

While denying sexual assault allegations, Samson Obama reportedly accepted an official caution -- an admission of a criminal offense -- for a public order offense. Police also discovered Obama had been living illegally in Britain for seven years, the Times said.

Obama was refused permission to re-enter Britain at Heathrow in January while traveling from his home in Kenya to Washington for Barack Obama's inauguration, the Times said

The British Border Agency said Samson Obama first applied for a visa at the High Commission in Nairobi in January, officials said. He withdrew the application before flying to America for the inauguration and reinstated it on his return.

Barack Obama's stepbrother-in-law, Ian Manners, said Samson Obama maintained the allegations linking him to a sex attack were "absolute lies," saying he was involved in a bar fight that "had nothing to do with any young girls."

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