Four injured in New Hampshire blaze
Apr 13,2009 00:00 by UPI

ALTON BAY, N.H. -- Four firefighters were injured in a huge blaze that destroyed nearly 50 buildings at a Christian center in Alton Bay, N.H., said fire officials.

Many of the buildings were nearly 100 years old and tinder dry, The Boston Globe reported Monday.

Spurred by strong winds, the fire spread quickly after it was reported Sunday afternoon, said K.G. Lockwood, chief of the Gilmanton Fire Department, which responded along with more than 50 other departments, some crews coming from more than an hour away.

Exploding propane tanks looked "like a small atomic bomb had gone off," said Brian Mitchell, an Alton resident who lives near the center.

One firefighter was injured when a propane tank exploded, the Globe reported. No details of injuries to the other three firefighters were available, the Globe reported.

Few people were at the center when the fire started, said Russ Sample, a volunteer staff member at the center.

"Had this happened eight weeks later, all these buildings could have been full," Sample said.

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