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Apr 14,2009 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

Keeping our lives, and our homes, green is at the top of most lists these days. But just how good are you at being green?

Check out just how green you are living with this fun, informative survey at GoGreenScore.org. Photo courtesy of GoGreenScore.org. 
A slice of Americana, "Gadget Nation: A Journey Through the Eccentric World of Invention," is a great gift for gadget lovers. Photo courtesy of Gadget Nation. 

Check your score at GoGreenScore.org, a free survey designed to help discover the greenness of your current lifestyle.

"When I took other online questionnaires, I was shocked at how many earths it would take if everyone lived like me," said Lynate Pettengill, co-founder of GoGreenScore.org.

Only taking a few minutes, the survey is designed to promote a positive outlook on the situation. Not only does it ask questions, it also provides answers with dozens of links to "Live Green Tips."

"I thought I lived a pretty darn green lifestyle already. It didn't motivate me to make any more changes; it made me want to give it up. So that's why we came up with a fun way to let people know how green they're currently living, and how easy it would be to make a change or two to help out our troubled planet," said Pettengill.

GoGreenScore.org offers the following tips to live green and suggests reviewing them from time to time. They may seem simple, but each and every change makes a big difference:

— Recycle your waste instead of throwing it in the trash can.

— Use your own bags at the store.

— Set your air conditioner at 78 degrees or higher and your heater at 64 degrees or lower.

— Use your own water bottles instead of buying bottled water from the store.

— Turn off lights and other appliances when you're not using them.

— Drive a fuel-efficient car.

— Plan your trips efficiently so you drive fewer miles.

— Use public transportation, walk or ride your bike when running errands.

— Buy your food from local sources.

— Purchase organic food.

— Don't use chemicals on your lawn.

— Choose compact fluorescent bulbs for your home.

— Hang your clothes to dry instead of using a dryer.

— Before making any purchases, ask yourself, "Do I really need this?"

— Minimize the amount of meat you consume.

— Utilize all-natural cleaning products in your home.

— Donate to not-for-profit organizations working to protect the environment, and contact your senators or representatives regarding environmental policies.

To check your green score, visit www.gogreenscore.org.


For those quirky, gadget-loving people among us, "Gadget Nation: A Journey Through the Eccentric World of Invention" by Steve Greenberg is a must-have. Greenberg is an invention groupie, born into a family of patent filers. His fascination with America's garage inventors led him to write this book.

Here's just a smattering of what's found in this fascinating read:

— Bird diapers: The YouTube video says it all.

— Motorized ice cream cone: Give your tongue a rest. Just load it and switch it on. The cone turns and does all the work.

— Mop flops: These attach to your feet and mop as you walk. True multitasking.

— Talking toilet paper dispenser: You can record a message of up to nine seconds. When the toilet paper is pulled, the sensor sets off the message. It is also easy to rerecord with the push of a button. Just think of the fun!

— Slippers with headlights: That's right, never stub your toe or wake others up when you have to get up during the night. Slip these on in order to light your way.

For more information, visit www.gadgetnation.net.

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