Girl who saved landlady faces eviction
Apr 15,2009 00:00 by UPI

CHICAGO -- A Chicago mother and children are facing eviction in a dispute with the family of a woman whose life their 9-year-old daughter saved.

Missy Kowalski, who suffers from a heart defect, crawled through a window to rescue her 84-year-old landlady who spent 15 hours lying on the floor after a fall, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday.

Missy's mother Deb Gordils has always paid the rent on time but relatives of landlady Kathleen Slattery, who died on Saturday, want the family to move and sent an eviction notice March 13.

Slattery's niece and legal guardian, Mary Siwak, has declined to speak with the Sun-Times.

In probate court Tuesday, Siwak's attorney told a judge that Gordils has been telling "anyone who would listen" that Siwak and a caregiver are responsible for the death of Slattery by over-medicating the woman.

An agreement to allow the family to remain in the apartment until June 1 has been reached.

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