Ex-U.S. law officers to train Mexican cops
Apr 22,2009 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON -- Plans are being developed to send former U.S. law enforcement officers to Mexico to train Mexican police in their battle against drug cartels, officials said.

Up to 300 former U.S. law enforcement personnel would be sent to Mexico later this year to train about 9,000 Mexican police, USA Today reported Wednesday. The goal would be to quash official corruption and violence fueled by warring drug cartels.

Officials said the plan would create a law enforcement academy where Mexican investigators could be trained to combat narcotics and weapons trafficking, money laundering, fingerprint examination and other procedures necessary to fight cartels and other criminal groups.

Issues still to be resolved include how the costs would be shared between the two governments, the scope of the instruction and how soon training could start, USA Today said. The State Department would oversee the U.S. component.

William Esposito, an officer in a consulting firm led by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, said Mexico's secretary of public safety contacted the firm about two months ago to discuss the training operation.

"They were looking for advice," said Esposito, a former deputy director of the FBI. "They are trying to change the whole policing structure."

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