Poll: Most want Palestinian state
Apr 22,2009 00:00 by UPI

JERUSALEM -- Some 80 percent of both Israelis and Palestinians support the establishment of a Palestinian state in the Middle East, a survey indicates.

The poll, commissioned by the non-governmental organization One Voice and published Wednesday by Army Radio, also showed both peoples were strongly opposed to the notion of one bi-national state and indicated there was disagreement over Jerusalem and other holy sites, The Jerusalem Post reported.

One Voice is made up of Israelis and Palestinians and seeks to make the voice of moderates on both sides of the Israel-Palestinian conflict heard, the newspaper said. The poll was conducted by Mina Tsemach of the Dahaf Institute and Irish scholar Colin Irwin in the wake of this year's Israeli military incursion into Gaza.

Some 77 percent of Israelis were against any partition of Jerusalem, while both sides expressed vehement opposition to declaring it an international city, the Post said. Nearly all Palestinians polled cited the establishment of an independent state as their top priority, while it was only 11th on the priority list with Israelis.

The methodology of the poll was not reported.

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