Two police officers killed in Pakistan
Apr 23,2009 00:00 by UPI

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- An ambush on a security convoy Thursday killed two police officers in Pakistan's Taliban-infiltrated Buner district, police officials said.

The police officers, members of Frontier Constabulary, were killed in the Totalai area, just 60 miles from Islamabad, Dawn reported, noting the killings could threaten the viability of a government-backed peace deal with the Taliban in northwest Pakistan.

Eight Frontier Constabulary platoons arrived Wednesday in Buner, each platoon containing 30 to 50 officers, said Syed Mohammed Javed, a government official who oversees the area covered by the peace deal.

The platoons were sent to the region to protect government buildings and bridges against Taliban militants, who have entered Buner in large numbers, establishing checkpoints, patrolling roads and scaring local residents, Dawn reported.

A meeting between tribal elders and the Taliban in Daggar, Buner's main town, ended without any indication the Taliban would withdraw from the region, Dawn reported.

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