Cascade Lakes Highway road update
Apr 23,2009 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

BEND, Ore. -- Snow removal crews have been working for the past few weeks to clear the snow prior to fishing season.

As of April 22, access is limited. The Spring River Road (Forest Road 40) has been cleared to Cascade Lakes Highway (Foreast Road 46).  Forest Road 4270 has been cleared between Road 40 and 42. South Century Drive (Forest Road 42) has been cleared to Cascade Lakes Highway. There is a construction project on the 42 Road west of Maxwell Bridge to the junction with Burgess Road (FR43). About one mile of this road is currently graveled; the contractor is working Saturdays. Expect about 5 to 20 minute delays. Burgess Road (FR43) and Spring River Road (FR40) are both very good routes to by-pass the construction.

Cascade Lakes Highway has been cleared from the Klamath County Line to Deschutes Bridge where the gate remains closed. The lakes north of Deschutes Bridge are still covered with ice. The highway has been cleared so if the ice melts and lake operators clear their boat ramps, Deschutes County Road crews may be able to open the highway as far north as Elk Lake. That decision will be made Thursday, April 23.

Paulina Lake Road will be open to the Paulina Lake Resort. East Lake is not yet accessible.

For estimated opening times for the lakes/lodges, please contact them individually as they are all on their own schedule:

Crane Prairie ---------- 541-382-2787
Cultus Lake ------------ 541-389-3230
Elk Lake ---------------- 541-480-7228
Lava Lake -------------- 541-382-9443
Twin Lakes ------------- 541-593-6526
Paulina Lake ----------- 541-536-2240
East Lake --------------- 541-536-2230