War claims 6,400 Sri Lanka civilians
Apr 24,2009 00:00 by UPI

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- More than 6,400 Sri Lankan civilians have been killed in three months of fighting between the army and Tamil Tiger rebels, the United Nations says in a report.

Additionally, almost 14,000 were injured, according to the report, which, The Times of London said, was not released to the media. The report went, instead, to foreign embassies in Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital, and was then passed along to the media by a diplomat.

The United Nations' previously estimated death toll, released a week ago in the same fashion, was 4,500.

The new toll was reported four days after the army moved into a "no-fire zone" occupied by thousands of civilians and an unknown number of Tamil Tigers.

The army accused the Tigers of shooting civilians trying to escape the zone.

Army officials said about 100,000 civilians had been rescued from the zone this week. A high-level rebel leader who surrendered said only 10,000 to 15,000 civilians remained in the danger zone.

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