Man trapped in car with gas canisters
Apr 27,2009 00:00 by UPI

BIRMINGHAM, England -- A British man was rescued after kidnappers strapped gas canisters to his body and left him in a car, police in Birmingham, England, said.

A passerby summoned police Sunday night after finding the terrified man bound and gagged, The Times of London reported Monday.

The unidentified man was in the car for eight hours as police evacuated the area, closed nearby rail lines and imposed a no-fly zone, Chief Superintendent Tom Coughlan said.

"This action is reprehensible," Coughlan said. "It has placed the victim, members of the public and the emergency services at risk."

Police launched a criminal investigation late Sunday but had yet to determine whether the cans were filled with explosive gas and the car was actually rigged to explode.

The victim was hospitalized for observation and a suspected broken leg.

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