Students to be arraigned for riot
Apr 27,2009 00:00 by UPI

KENT, Ohio -- Police at Ohio's Kent State overreacted and shot weekend partygoers with rubber bullets and mace, students who were arrested for the riot said.

The 53 charged with failure to disperse were to be arraigned Wednesday and Thursday after being arrested at the annual College Fest, The Daily Kent Stater reported Monday.

Students and city police and firefighters reported minor injuries in Saturday's melee, which ignited when police began arresting people for open containers of alcohol, the Kent Stater reported.

"This girl's friend got arrested and she went up to see why, then she got pushed down," said Kirk Price, a junior justice studies major. "People started throwing bottles after that, and the cops fired those rubber bullets right after."

Police, in a statement, said the riot began "when partying students and others began pelting police officers with bottles and rocks at the scene of an arrest. Police released no information on whether rubber bullets and paint balls filled with mace were used on the students, as some alleged.

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