Foster-care adoptions on the rise
Apr 27,2009 00:00 by UPI

DETROIT -- Experts say a growing number of U.S. residents are turning to foster-care adoptions in lieu of more expensive private adoptions.

Edward Woods of the Michigan Department of Human Services said compared with the 65 foster parent licenses handed out in the state in November, a total of 122 of the required adoption licenses were given out in January, USA Today said Monday.

Arizona Adoption & Foster Care in Mason, Ariz., currently has 79 approved foster-care families on its roster, a substantial increase from its 2008 total of 49.

Sharen Ford of Colorado's Department of Human Services also reported an increase in foster-child adoptions with an 8 percent increase expected this year.

"The pendulum is swinging," Ford told USA Today, adding that the lower cost of foster-care adoptions helped bring about the apparent trend. Ford also tabbed more stringent adoption policies embraced by foreign countries regarding international adoptions as a key factor in the adoption shift.

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