Hollywood Exclusive: Ask Stacy
Apr 28,2009 00:00 by Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smi

DEAR STACY: I would like to know what other TV or movie roles have been played by the beautiful Bridget Regan from "Legend of the Seeker." — Keith F., N.Y.


Bridget Regan 

DEAR KEITH: Clearly the 27-year-old actress from San Diego is making her mark as Kahlan — a woman with the power to make men confess their sins — on the syndicated "Legend of the Seeker" series based on Terry Goodkind's popular "Sword of Truth" fantasy books. Her credits also include the "Sex and the City" movie, "Is He Dead" on Broadway, and roles on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Six Degrees," "New Amsterdam" and "The Black Donnellys."

DEAR STACY: Whatever became of the planned movie version of the "Beauty and the Beast" series that starred Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton? — Robin P., Casper, Wyo.

DEAR ROBIN: The idea never made it beyond the talking stage.

DEAR STACY: Is it true that my favorite singer in the world, Josh Groban, is seriously dating Katy Perry? Can't stand her. — S.H., Santa Ana, Calif.

DEAR S.H.: They've certainly been seen together a lot. However, "We're buddies," Perry told MTV. They're not dating, according to the often-controversial "I Kissed a Girl" pop singer.

DEAR STACY: I know none of the major actors on "ER's" last season were original cast members. But were any of the supporting characters around from the beginning? —Dianne D., Staten Island

DEAR DIANNE: Four actors who played nurses (Yvette Freeman, Deezer D, Laura Ceron and Lily Mariye) and two who played paramedics (Montae Russell and Emily Wagner) were seen in all 15 seasons of the show.

DEAR STACY: Whatever became of actress Joanne Dru? — C.D., Kearny, NJ

DEAR C.D.: Dru, best-known for such films as "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" and "All the King's Men" died in 1996 at age 74, of lymphedema. She was survived by her son and two daughters from her marriage to Dick Haymes, and by her younger brother, former "Hollywood Squares" host Peter Marshall.

DEAR STACY: Just revisited Harrison Ford in his 1985 Amish adventure, "Witness." What struck me was the musical background, particularly the farm-building scene. Can you name the work and author? Sounded like Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring." — Steve K., Woodlawn, N.Y.

DEAR STEVE: That score was written by revered French composer Maurice Jarre, who passed away from cancer at age 84 on March 28. The selection, "Building the Barn" is included on "Witness: the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack," available at Amazon.com and elsewhere. Jarre's abundant body of memorable work includes the scores for "Lawrence of Arabia," "Doctor Zhivago" and "A Passage to India" — each of which won him an Academy Award .

DEAR STACY: How tall is Leonardo DiCaprio? I was told he's rather tall, but I always thought he was average-to-short. — Pam S., Chattanooga, Tenn.

DEAR PAM: The star stands about 6 feet tall.

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