Souter giving Obama first Scotus pick
May 01,2009 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON -- After 103 days in office, it appears President Barack Obama will have an opportunity to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court.

Word has leaked that Justice David Souter, 69, intends to retire at the end of the court's term in June leading to speculation about who will fill his seat, SCOTUSblog reported Friday.

The last Democratic president to appoint a Supreme Court justice was Bill Clinton in 1994.

There has been a backup of available candidates in the intervening 15 years, CBS reports.

Govs. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan and Deval Patrick of Massachusetts are among the possible candidates, CBS says.

Harvard Law School possibilities include constitutional scholar Kathleen Sullivan or Solicitor General Elena Kagan. University of Chicago scholar Cass Sunstein already works at the White House.

Six weeks ago, a senior administration official was asked about a potential Supreme Court nominee. He told reporters the White House is looking for people with experience in law and in life.

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