Bend Weekly Gets to the Heart of Bend’s Local News
May 31,2006 00:00 by bendweekly

In the face of intense globalization in virtually every level of society, it is important to keep in touch with local news and community events.  It seems that the smaller our world becomes, the more important it is to maintain a feeling of what we can actually see happening around us with our own eyes. 

This is precisely the vision of Bend Weekly • keeping journalism local.  Who better to report on the topics that concern Bend Residents than the people who live within its neighborhoods? 

Certainly, national and other large publications have their value, however, they don’t provide the information that directly impacts our everyday lives • the events and decisions going on every week in Bend!  In a vibrant community such as Bend • always growing, improving, and moving • Bend Weekly recognizes that large papers simply don’t give us the focus we deserve.  Our local scene is fascinating and multifaceted, and Bend Weekly, as a local resident, knows how to give each element its warranted attention. 

Neighbors in Bend are quickly discovering that Bend Weekly is the single most valuable source of local news, local sports, local events, local entertainment, and local politics.  Bend Weekly’s quality, well researched articles reflect the interests, activities, and events of the people of Bend, including editorial pages, and sections about Bend’s community, neighbors, things to do, youth, arts, active life, spirituality, and homefront

Every week, residents of Bend can read thorough, investigative articles that explain how our lives have changed, and will be affected in the days to come.  This free publication permits every Bend reader a first-hand glimpse at those events going on just up the streets of Bend • not Chicago.

Bend Weekly welcomes the opinions and contributions of Bend residents, believing that Bend’s thoughts and events aren’t limited only to what reporters have investigated.  The Bend Weekly website, provides the latest news, editorials, and events, and even a useful Bend events calendar.  The website is also a simple place for people to submit their comments and articles.

The Bend Weekly website provides visitors with daily updates regarding the latest news, to keep up to date between print publications. This content-rich, dynamic and interactive website is filled with useful information and features that will keep users coming back time and time again.  Bend residents will benefit from the many useful free elements such as the online classified ads, discussion boards, photo gallery, business directory, over 150 interactive games, and the largest and most comprehensive local information about Bend.  This includes school information, Bend attractions, dining, shopping, nightlife, outdoor fun, travel information, local government contacts, and even entertaining extras such as web cams.

Beginning June 1, with Bend Weekly on the newsstands of Bend and the website running at full capacity, this strong and unique community will be able to share in its own local interests and occurrences.