New Broadcasting Technology Engages Sports Fans
Jan 12,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Not long ago, sports fans were beholden to whatever was on network television. But advances in online broadcasting technology now make it possible for fans to have their sports anytime, anywhere and any way.

Armed with the knowledge that devoted fans are increasingly opting to watch live sports on their computer screens, PDAs and cell phones as well as their television sets, Texas-based WhiteBlox has taken sports broadcasting to the next level. The company offers a suite of solutions that allows its clients - such as the Indy Racing League - to create their own broadband networks, enabling them to broadcast live and archived events to thousands of people via the Internet.

"Watching sports online will soon become the definitive viewing experience," said Greg Demetriades, chairman and chief executive officer of WhiteBlox. "The interactivity of the Internet allows fans to have a deeper connection to their favorite events."

What this means for sports fans is a more interactive, engaging viewing experience through features such as multi-camera broadcasts that allow viewers to pick the camera angle they want to follow. For example, they can "sit in the car" with their favorite driver at Indianapolis for all 500 miles or focus solely on the routes the wide receivers run during a football game.

WhiteBlox technology also gives viewers the ability to interact with other fans through chats, polls, surveys and forums. For advertisers, it is a chance to reach out to consumers and engage them with unique, interactive ads targeted by demographics and geography.

The Indy Racing League used WhiteBlox to broadcast the Indy 500 online to hundreds of thousands of fans from all 50 states and 88 countries. The league signed an exclusive online broadcasting deal with WhiteBlox through 2009.