All-Star line-up performs at Domino Room to raise funds for local drummer’s medical expenses
Jan 12,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Bend Musicians and Artists perform benefit concert to raise over $8,000 in medical and surgical expenses for local drummerand community activist Joe Katroscik

An all-star line-up of Bend musicians and artists will perform in a benefit concert at the Domino Room Sunday, January 21, to help pay over $8,000 in medical and surgical expenses for local drummer and community activist Joe Katroscik. Tickets to the 6 p.m. fundraiser are $15 at the door. The Domino Room is located at 51 N.W. Greenwood Avenue. All proceeds will go into a benevolent account set up by friends of Joe Katroscik at Washington Mutual Bank.

Joe Leonardi, Anastasia, and Jared Forqueran of Threes (formerly Stone Soup), guitarist and vocalist David Bowers, Coyo, singer/songwriter Scott Wyatt, spoken word artist Jason Graham, and Ubuntu, the drumming group organized by Katroscik, are among the scheduled performers at the January 21 fundraiser. Tom and Cheryl White of are providing sound. A silent auction will also raise additional funds at the benefit concert

All are donating their time and energy to help pay medical bills Katroscik incurred from recent surgery. Katroscik is one of a growing number of Americans who lack  affordable and accessible health care.

Katroscik was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. As a child he drove his family crazy by banging on anything available in the house. He majored in music at the local community college. Katroscik's musical knowledge and interest encompasses a mixture of rock and roll, jazz and ethnic rhythms. He has drummed on many different kinds of drums over the years. He was an integral part of the Seattle drumming scene for 15 years, before moving to Bend nine years ago.

About a year ago Katroscik found himself with a surplus of drums, recognized there was a community of Bend drummers who wanted to expand their experiences beyond the local drumming circle, and organized the drumming group Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a diverse collection of hand drummers who are passionate abut learning and teaching rhythms. The group mixes ages and skill levels from beginning drummers to those who have been drumming for years. Ubuntu is a fixture on the local music scene and often contributes time and energy to peace and justice causes in the community.

"Joe has an amazing enthusiasm for teaching and spreading his love of drumming," says Michi Sato, a Ubuntu member. "I was welcomed into Ubuntu with no prior drumming experience. There was no requirement except to be present and to practice, practice, practice. Joe puts his heart and soul into promoting just a little more peace in this world, and drumming is one of his venues for doing so. If we had more Joes, this world would be a better place."