Deschutes ice build-up causes flooding near Galveston Bridge
Jan 13,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

Ice build-up on the Deschutes River in downtown Bend caused flooding of the backyards of several homes Saturday morning, in some cases reaching within only a few feet of the residences.


Floodwaters approached to within a few short feet of several homes, such as this residence at 427 NW Riverfront St.  Photos by Richard Burton. 

“Extremely cold temperatures caused ice to build up at the floodway just north of Newport Avenue,” said Lt. Cory Darling with Bend Police.  “Water backed up and flooded the yards of several homes,” he added.

The affected area spanned about five city blocks and began south of Galveston Bridge, said the lieutenant, and some residents in area of NW Riverfront St. were given verbal notice of the possible impending danger.

The homeowner of 427 NW Riverfront Street said when he went to bed Friday night there was only a “little bit” of ice in the river, and about 6 a.m. Saturday he noticed a combination of ice and floodwaters encroaching into his back yard.

“We got most of it,” said Lt. Darling, explaining that some water flow was restored when officers and Public Works employees removed several wooden slats from the spillway and chipped away ice.  The flowing water is anticipated to allow the floodwaters to recede, and no evacuations are anticipated.

Deschutes River at Galveston Bridge  
With the danger of ice build-up and floodwaters, Lt. Darling asks that citizens be sure to keep their dogs on leashes in the area, especially near Mirror Pond.