And then the landlord started shooting at us …
Jan 15,2007 00:00 by Kyle Bussey, Mahr Lane, Creswe

We live in Lane County, Oregon. The landlord was shooting a shotgun at our house. You could hear the pellets hitting the side and raining down on us.

We called 911, the deputy sheriff went to talk to the landlord. We could hear them laughing. Nothing was done.

The landlord said, through his attorney by e-mail, that he was trying to scare off wild turkeys.

We checked with the Department of Wildlife. He (the landlord) had no hunting license, no turkey tag, and no permit to haze turkey.

He fired at our house 13 more times in 2 weeks.

We finally were able to get the shot and resulting sound of pellets hitting the house and rolling off roof on videotape while we were on the phone with 911.

They sent the same deputy along with 2 others.  We showed them the videotape. They talked with the landlord the next day. Told him not to do it again.

We called the Oregon Dept. of Wildlife again. They told us if we could videotape him shooting at turkeys without a permit, they would be able to fine him for that.

Shooting at us -- OK. Shooting at wild turkey -- not OK.