Rep. Butler seeks common sense safeguard
Jan 19,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Introduces Bill to Ban Sale or Transfer of Dangerous Items to Intoxicated Individuals

SALEM – Rep. Tom Butler (R-Ontario) this week announced the introduction of House Bill 2415 to ban the sale or transfer of guns, explosives and vehicles to visibly intoxicated individuals. The measure also prohibits fuel stations from selling fuel to inebriated customers.

Rep. Tom Butler 
“There are no penalties for selling these dangerous items to people who shouldn’t have them,” Rep. Butler said. “It’s illegal to serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated man, but it’s legal to sell him a gun and fill up his gas tank. HB 2415 is a common sense measure intended to save lives.”

The bill was drafted in response to an incident in Ontario, where an intoxicated man purchased a gun and took a woman hostage. The man was later shot and killed by local law enforcement.

“After the incident, I was surprised to learn there are no laws governing the sale of weapons and explosives to intoxicated individuals,” Rep. Butler said. “The State Fire Marshal’s office told me there’s nothing stopping a licensed, yet intoxicated person from purchasing a trunk load of dynamite. I have introduced HB 2415 to fill a glaring gap in Oregon state law.”