COCC offers new ‘short-term’ certificates
Jan 19,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

In order to prepare students for the evolving economy, Central Oregon Community College (COCC) and the state of Oregon are working to increase completion of college credentials for today's workers through the development of short-term certificates of completion.
Short-term certificates offer a convenient, accelerated format that helps unemployed or working adults upgrade their skills, complete a credential, or gain an associate's degree.  In these programs, curriculum is packaged into smaller sets of courses ― typically one to three academic terms ― that can lead to an entry-level job or job advancement. Students can return later for more advanced training.
COCC has submitted 32 short-term certificate proposals to the state in various professional technical program areas. Certificates in drafting, forestry and geographic information services are pending approval. Presently, the following 15 certificates have been approved:
Automotive Technology: 13-25 credits
      -- Electrical Technician Basic (13), Electrical Technician Advanced (17), Drive-Train Technician (15), Engine Technician (15), Under car Technician (15), Heating and Air Conditioning (20), Engine Performance Technician (25)
Dietary Manager: 17 credits
Wildland Firefighter Type II: 14 credits
Health Information Technology-Insurance: 35 credits
Manufacturing Technology: 19-31 credits
      -- CNC Machining (25), Manual Machining (27), Quality Assurance (19), Welding (31)

Composites Manufacturing: 14 or 36 credits
For information, call 383-7500.