The safe way to get out and exercise this winter
Jan 19,2007 00:00 by (ARA)
A lot of people put their exercise regimens on hold during the long, winter months because they don't think it'll be safe to do the things they like to do. 

While it's true that Winter is a more dangerous time of year to be out and about -- low temperatures raise the risks for everything from frostbite and muscle pulls to slips on icy sidewalks -- you don't need to stay cooped up inside all season long.  Just be sure to put on some warm clothes and insulated footwear with traction before venturing out.


Stabilicers Sport work well on slippery, smooth ice. 

Whether you'll be hiking an icy trail, going for a brisk run or shoveling the driveway, you no longer have to fear slips, falls and related injuries from ice and snow covered ice on roads, walkways and trails.  Get out and exercise with confidence after strapping  a pair of Stabilicers Sport cleats to your favorite running shoe, casual shoe or hiking boot.

The cleat and tread combination creates a confidence-inspiring grip, providing the mobility and traction you need to stay active all winter long.  Doug Norton of 32 North, manufacturer of the Stabilicers Sport, explains how they work.  "The traction tread outsole and cleats contact the walking surface directly, providing a superior grip on ice, snow, rock, and pavement," he says. 

Because of the extra safety measure they provide, the cleats are being regularly used by postal carriers, construction workers, senior citizens, and even athletes, like David Anderson, who recently led a trek through India's frozen passage to Zanskar.  He says "Stabilicers Sport ice cleats were the single most effective piece of equipment we brought on our expedition."

A review by Runner's World magazine supports that claim.  "Stabilicers Sport work well on slippery, smooth ice.  And don't worry about extra weight; they're so light, we didn't notice a difference."

A report published in Backpacker Magazine says, "I found the grip on rock to be as good or better than boot soles.  I was also impressed by Stabilicer's confident grip on the slickest snow and ice."

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In addition to wearing the right footwear, you can help reduce your chances of being injured from a slip and fall during the winter months by:

* Using a handrail where available.

* Taking short steps or shuffle for stability.

* Bending slightly, walking flat-footed with your center of gravity directly over the feet as much as possible.