Umpqua Bank Introduces Remote Deposit Service for Businesses
Jun 06,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

expressDeposit Makes Depositing Checks as Easy as Sending an Email

Umpqua Bank, a regional independent community bank in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, introduces expressDeposit, a powerful new payment solution product that allows business customers to scan, submit and deposit checks electronically from their desktops without having to visit a bank or ATM.

expressDeposit uses state-of-the-art technology to convert checks into digital image files, which are transmitted to the bank and electronically deposited into the customer's account. expressDeposit improves banking convenience and efficiency for business customers by eliminating a number of steps in the deposit process, improving customers' internal reporting and providing measures to reduce fraud risk.

"Umpqua Bank is always looking for opportunities to support our business customers with services and products that save time and make the challenges of running a business easier," said Ray Davis, Umpqua Bank CEO. "Our new expressDeposit product does just that, providing our business customers with a secure, easy-to-use tool that allows them to deposit checks on their own time, at their convenience."

§         Saves businesses time and money by eliminating check deposit trips and

§         courier charges.

§         Provides customers with important flexibility by making "after hours"

§         deposits possible.

§         Accelerates cash flow by improving the business deposit process, checks

§         enter the check clearing process faster and are credited the customer's

§         account earlier.

§         Eliminates geographic restrictions and allows for consolidating

§         deposits into Umpqua Bank, regardless of where a business is located".

§         Streamlines accounting and reconciliation by minimizing manual deposit

§         preparation requirements.

§         Flexible enough to fit any business size from high speed remittance

§         processing to just a few checks a day.

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