Bend City Police Blotter - Week of May 28
Jun 06,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources


During the period of 5/23 to 5/29/06 there were 16 reported incidents of vehicle break-ins, with the value of items stolen estimated at $7,648.

Also during the same period, there were 6 arrests for Driving Under the Influence, 4 reported unauthorized credit card usages, and numerous vandalism to automobile reports.

5/23. A man reported bicycles drove through two freshly paved driveways causing $2,000 in damage, even though the area had been cordoned off.

5/25. A woman reported the theft of two lawn gnomes from her front yard, valued at $35. Victim reported the gnomes wore blue hats, and they talk and shiver when it rains.

5/26. A woman on NW Outlook Vista Drive reported a man attempted to force entry to her bedroom through a locked window. Subject fled after being seen by woman.

5/28. A man reported the sliding door to his residence was forced open. Missing were a dirtbike, helmets, and a Dysan vacuum valued at $6.800.

5/27. A woman reported two BMX bicycles stolen from her front yard on NW Elgin Ave. Value of bikes is estimated at $600.

5/29 A man reported that the cable lock was cut and his moped stolen while parked at the Pilot Butte Retirement Center.

5/29. A resident of SE Teakwood reported vandals egged her home, poured oil on her front porch, toilet-papered her pond, and slashed her trampoline.

5/29. Officers stopped a vehicle reported stolen. Driver was arrested for unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession of meth, and parole violation.

5/29. A man reported three vehicles were shot with paintballs on SW Chamberlain St. Damage is estimated at $4,000.

5/29. A man reported his vehicle was broken into through a partially opened window. Small items worth $69 were taken. Unfortunately one of those items was the key to his girlfriend’s car, and her car was also stolen.

5/29. Subject reported the window of his vehicle was shot by a B-b-gun. Officers responding found seven other vehicles with similar damage in the vicinity.

5/29. An argument ensued between a man and woman over a parking space at Costco. The man allegedly threatened bodily harm to the woman, and ran a shopping cart into her vehicle causing minor damage.

5/30. A construction company reported vandalism to a Cat loader, backhoe, dozer, and excavator at Purcell and Jackson.

5/30. A man was arrested following an unspecified incident and foot pursuit at a local hotel. He is being evaluated for suicidal behavior.

The above Information are excerpts taken from log entries and reports of the Bend Police Department.