Golf: Wedges are Best Warm-up
Jun 06,2006 00:00 by Tina Mickelson

Copley News Service
When warming up on the driving range, many players are too eager to pull out their driver and start beating balls.  In most cases they are not fully warmed up enough to be hitting the driver yet.  The result is often disappointment and frustration with their shots, which then leads to panic when they reach that first tee box.
Bend Weekly OregonThe next time you are warming up on the driving range, try hitting at least 15-20 balls with your wedges.  Make an attempt to change it up.  Hit a few balls with your pitching wedge, then hit a few with your lob wedge, then go to your sand wedge, etc.  Change up your targets as well.  By getting comfortable with your wedges before venturing on to the rest of your bag, you are setting yourself up for good rhythm and tempo with your longer clubs.  After hitting some good crisp wedge shots that head straight for your target you can then take that swing to your longer clubs.  Not only will your swing be better with your longer clubs, your level of confidence will be much higher as well. Bend Oregon Central Oregon