School superintendents substitute teach at local elementary school
Jan 29,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent will sub at Lava Ridge Elementary School Tuesday to promote continuing education

Students in one elementary classroom will be in for a surprise when they arrive at school tomorrow.  Two familiar faces will be at the head of their classroom, but not the faces of their usual teachers. 

Superintendent Doug Nelson and Deputy Superintendent Ron Wilkinson will be reading, writing and practicing arithmetic with 44 first- and second-graders at Lava Ridge Elementary School on Tuesday, January 30 while the students’ regular teachers take the day off.

Nelson and Wilkinson are filling in Tuesday for the winners of the College Day 2006 "Most Creative Personal Display of Collegiate Pride in an Elementary School" contest.

The annual College Day was an opportunity for staff and students to show their Collegiate pride while instilling an interest in an education beyond high school.

“As educators we are catalysts in students lives,” Superintendent Nelson said, “Our students inspire us to be our best and in-turn we inspire them to meet their every goal, including completing a post-high school degree,” said Nelson.

Currently more than 75 percent of students graduating from Bend-La Pine Schools go on to attend trade schools, or two and four-year universities.                              

In the months to come, Nelson will fill in for several other staff members who won their division in the "Most Creative Personal Display of Collegiate Pride" category during College Day 2006.