'NADAguides New Car Fast Facts' - a cool tool for online car buyers is launched
Feb 02,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Get Quick Stats, Fast Facts and Cool New Car Pictures for Over 2,000 Cars, Trucks and SUVs

Interested in buying a new car but don't want to sift through tons of articles or lengthy reviews to get important information about the car of your dreams? NADAguides.com, a leading vehicle information website, today announced the launch of its 'NADAguides New Car Fast Facts' tool -- an easy way for shoppers to access new car pictures, quick stats and fast facts about the vehicles that interest them most, all in one convenient location and all at the beginning of the new car buying process.

Car shoppers simply log onto the New Car Center of the NADAguides.com website and select the 'Build Your Car with Options' feature or the 'New Car Prices, Specs & Safety' feature. Once they've selected the vehicle of their choice, they're immediately provided with a full-color photo accompanied by a quick overview -- or a NADAguides New Car Fast Fact -- of that vehicle, with a brief snapshot of the car's most important features, including trim levels, horsepower, transmission and drive train information. This way, car buyers can learn about the most important information up-front, and then continue with the NADAguides.com car shopping process.

"Online car buyers want the most important new car information and they want it right now," said Mark Perleberg, lead auto expert, NADAguides.com. "With NADAguides New Car Fast Facts, you get an interesting, to-the-point overview at the very beginning of the research process, including full color new car photos. Then, if you're still interested in that particular car, you can research even more information about it at NADAguides.com, including finding a local dealer in your area from which to buy it."

NADAguides New Car Fast Facts are provided for more than 2,000 different vehicles at the NADAguides.com website. In addition to specifications, the tool offers car buyers information about whether a vehicle is a new design for the current model year or a carry-over from last year, as well as interesting tidbits about design features, passenger room and hauling and towing capabilities.

Additionally, the development of NADAguides New Car Fast Facts is directed by the company's lead auto expert, Mark Perleberg, a 30-year automotive industry veteran. As soon as new car makes and models are introduced to the market, Perleberg performs extensive test drives and provides his analysis and insight about those vehicles, which are the basis for each one of the Fast Facts NADAguides.com develops.

Car buyers can find NADAguides New Car Fast Facts for virtually every new make and model by logging onto the New Car Center of the NADAguides.com website and by clicking on the 'Build Your Car with Options' feature or the 'New Car Prices, Specs & Safety' feature.