Home Zone: Mold, mildew, bacteria all washed up
Feb 02,2007 00:00 by Linda Pescatore

Two new models of Amana washing machines prevent mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria from forming on laundry, thanks to components treated with antimicrobial protection.

BREAK THE MOLD - Two new washers from Amana feature components treated with antimicrobial protection that resists mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria. CNS Photo courtesy of Whirlpool Corp.
WASHER WATCHER - The LG Remote Laundry Monitor uses power line communications technology to `talk' to your washer and dryer and display their status anywhere in the house. CNS Photo courtesy of LG Electronics.
PULL UP A TREE - A Timber Block Stool from Vivaterra gives renewed life to discarded tree limbs. CNS Photo courtesy of Vivaterra
One of the new washers is part of Amana's front-loading Enlighten series; the other is a top-loading model in the Traditional series. As the first new Amana series under the Whirlpool corporate umbrella, they feature several other smart enhancements.

For example, the surfaces of the wash baskets are exceptionally smooth, which translates to gentle handling of your clothes, especially the delicate items, according to Amana. The dryers have a SofSound feature that deadens noise. An end-of-cycle signal lets you know your laundry is ready.

Both series feature extra-wide door openings that make loading and unloading easier - and the dryers' side swing doors are reversible to fit your space. The appliances accommodate large loads: Enlighten's washer has a 3.34-cubic-foot capacity; its dryer is 6 cubic feet. Dimensions for the Traditional series are 3.2 cubic feet for the washer and 7 cubic feet for the dryer.

The people at Amana even think they've solved the mystery of the missing socks: They say the contrast of the stainless steel wash basket in Enlighten and the natural gray porcelain basket in Traditional helps you locate those elusive white socks.

The Amana Enlighten washer is $800, the electric dryer is $700, and the gas dryer is $760. Amana Traditional washers are $400-$500, depending on features. The electric dryer is $380-$450; the gas dryer, $440-$510. Amana models are available through most appliance retailers; visit www.amana.com for more information or dealer locations.


They say a watched pot never boils, but a washer or dryer cycle will end whether you're watching or not. But with a new device from LG Electronics that lets you "watch" your appliances remotely, you'll never miss another rinse cycle or wind up with wrinkled clothes that have sat too long in a stopped dryer.

The LG Remote Laundry Monitor plugs into any electrical outlet and uses power line communications technology to communicate through your home wiring with your washer and dryer, displaying the status of your laundry cycle on a digital panel. You'll stay on top of your laundry even if you're in the attic and your machines are in the basement.

The monitoring system is available as a $100 accessory with select models of LG washers and dryers, including the Control Center Laundry System and the Steam Washer line.

For more information visit www.lgusa.com.


Call it rustic chic. Vivaterra, a catalog that purveys "earth-friendly" wares, offers a timber block stool made from recycled scrap monkeypod tree limbs, tightly fitted together, bark side in, to form intriguing, one-of-a-kind patterns.

Its blend of natural colors, flowing organic patterns and chunky shape allow the stool - which easily doubles as a table - to blend with rustic, exotic or contemporary decor, among others.

Use them as is or cover with a cushion for a comfy spot to perch, or with a glass top for a handy, portable table, alone or in pairs.

The timber block stool is $370, or $725 for a pair, not including shipping and a $25 overweight charge per table (each weighs about 50 pounds). Order them online at www.vivaterra.com or request a catalog by calling 800-233-6011.

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