Netflix to bring Academy Awards marketing campaign to life
Feb 02,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Netflix, the world's largest online movie rental service, today launched a promotional campaign, in cooperation with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, that is geared to promote tune-in to the 79th Academy Awards telecast while entertaining movie fans at Netflix's award-winning Web site (

Rooted in this year's Academy Award's promotional theme, which highlights some of cinema's most unforgettable movie lines, the multi-platform effort will utilize online, broadcast, viral and print vehicles to give consumers a chance to learn more about the great movies behind the memorable Oscar quotes.

The promotion will feature a series of efforts, including specially created editorial content at and The program will also gain momentum through a national movie quotes survey, communication on Netflix's iconic red mailers, a national radio promotion and a viral video program.

The extensive Oscar-themed messaging on Netflix's home and awards pages includes tune-in information featuring this year's Academy Awards key artwork. The site will showcase Netflix's vast library of Academy Award(R)-winning films, and is designed to be a fun and interactive way for consumers to learn more about the movies they love. will in turn feature Netflix in relation to the quotes campaign. Visitors to the Oscar site will be given the opportunity to link to to learn more about their movies of interest.

Netflix will also conduct a survey of its members to find out the most memorable and quotable movie lines from 2006; the survey findings will be distributed nationally. The Netflix viral video program will capture recognizable personalities, and everyday people, performing their version of memorable movie lines from Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, The Godfather, A Few Good Men and Jerry Maguire. The footage will be posted on a video wall which can be accessed at beginning on February 12. Consumers can also post their own video, showcasing quotes from the above mentioned movies, on the site. The first 500 participants will be rewarded with a one-month membership to Netflix. Netflix will also link from this dedicated page to where pertinent information about this year's telecast will be featured.

The Academy will integrate Netflix into their national radio promotion campaign with the ABC Television Network promoting its Oscar Night line-up which includes the 79th Academy Awards followed by Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards. The radio promotion, running from February 19 - 23, will prompt listeners to identify movie quotes and encourage them to add these films to their Netflix queue. Netflix memberships will also be given away as prizes.

"The Academy Awards are the Super Bowl of the movie business, and we're extremely pleased to collaborate with the Academy to promote the Oscars and to highlight many of the best loved and best remembered moments in film history," said Leslie Kilgore, chief marketing officer for Netflix." The multi-dimensional nature of the campaign will allow us to reach a wide audience and really engage people in an entertaining way."

"Netflix is an excellent fit for the Academy. The Oscars are a celebration of movies, and Netflix provides greater access to them," said Janet Weiss, the Academy's director of marketing. "The quote campaign truly lends itself to Netflix's online platform."