Diamonds - A hot favorite this Valentine's day
Feb 02,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

What better way to celebrate the "holiday of love" than giving your loved one diamond jewellery? However, two things generally come to the minds of consumers when they think of diamonds - beauty and a hit to the back pocket.

Yes - diamonds are beautiful. The fire and brilliance of a well-made polished diamond is guaranteed to capture the fascination of all 'lovers' this Valentine's Day. As far as diamonds being expensive goes, Adam Schulman, marketing director of points out that "diamonds have actually become cheaper in real terms over the last few years." Schulman notes that "most people are not aware that the price of diamonds is denominated in US Dollars across the global diamond dealer markets. The significant weakening of the dollar against the Sterling means that diamonds have actually become much more affordable to UK consumers. Furthermore, diamond pricing competitiveness has increased with the emergence of online diamond jewellery retailers over the last couple of years."

The lead-up to the spring season has seen a robust resurgence in the use of fancy coloured diamonds and gemstones in jewellery. Schulman expects a "a splash of colour" in jewellery purchases this Valentine's Day, following the trends set at the world's leading fashion and jewellery shows over the last 12 months. "Let me ask you" says Schulman, "what would your Valentine prefer this Valentine's Day - chocolates that melt, flowers that wilt or diamonds that last forever?"