Freedom, terrorism DO coexist
Feb 02,2007 00:00 by Tanaya Meagher

β€œIn short, freedom and terrorism cannot coexist." I love this statement by Mr. Morin in his Jan. 29th opinion piece titled β€œIraq victory requires renewed resolve”.

Has he never been outside the borders of this country?

I could go on and on about how "apropos" it was that America just happened to fall victim to an act of terrorism of such a magnitude that in one fell swoop allowed our ignorant and arrogant masses to cheer for the stripping away of all but the smallest shreds of their freedom under the guise of a "war on terror", but Mr. Morin is obviously a person of very little world experience and also a connoisseur of propaganda cuisine with this statement about freedom and terrorism not being able to coexist.

The people of Europe, the Middle East, England, Ireland, and Asia have been "coexisting" with terror for generations. We here in America have had the luxury of enjoying a sheltered existence under the shining glory of Red, White and Blue, but not by any accident, or small coincidence, we have enjoyed this luxury of life rarely touched by the fanaticism of terrorists because we are a Democracy, because we had (and I use this word with all the importance and intention of a person enraged by the condition of our country today) Freedom to speak our minds, to bear our arms, to question and protect all that we believe in, and all that we fought for the Independence to enjoy.

With the impact of four planes on September 11th, 2001, the idle masses that have enjoyed a protected and ambiguous existence in this country -- stampeded not unlike a herd of buffalo off a cliff to the bottom of a deep hell emblazoned with the flames of derelict politicians and reckless policy -- and Mr. Morin is one of those buffalo, lying at the bottom of that pile.
Tanaya Meagher