Search for fashion like a fashion editor does
Feb 02,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

McEye Media launches a new search engine,, created by the editors of the award-winning online fashion magazine ZOOZOOM.

The website is a vertical search engine that delivers results from an edited list of authority fashion sites. Vertical search works better than a regular search because engines like Google view the internet as a sprawl which they search in its entirety and often bring back results from bad or inappropriate neighborhoods. A vertical search engine like is more tightly focused and returns more precise results.

So searching for 'new fashion' will bring the latest trends from New York and Paris and NOT a story about a "New Brunswick football team winning in a strange fashion." searches over 1200 fashion authority sites enabling superior, more relevant results. The list of sites searched comes from the fashion editors and staff of ZOOZOOM, the Original Online Glossy. "We spend a lot of time online at fashion sites and over the years we've built up quite a list of favorites that includes the very best fashion and beauty sites out there," says ZOOZOOM Editor-In-Chief Kelley Quan.

The site also features a 'search cloud' which clearly shows the recent and most popular searches. It's a great way to keep up with fashion search trends, which is what fashion is all about.

David McIntyre, McEye Media cofounder, believes the future of search is vertical. "Searching via Google is like strip mining: it might deliver a little gold, but mostly it throws out a lot of dirt," he says. "Google has recognized this and has made the technology available for sites like to deliver nuggets with every search." The site is powered by 'Google Co-op', a service that enables the creation of dedicated vertical search sites.

So what are the most popular searches? Well not surprisingly 'New York Fashion Week' is the current leader with 'stocking girl' and 'Chanel' in hot persuit.