An image makeover: A great investment in you for 2007
Feb 02,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

The New Year is a chance to begin anew. Most people normally focus on weight loss and toning, eating healthier and career advancement. As a critical component of those objectives, an image makeover can help seal one's commitment to reinvent, improve or advance themselves in 2007.

An image makeover requires the assistance of an image consultant. Think of an image consultant as your own personal coach who guides and trains you on how to express your best external self to the world, similar to how a fitness trainer works with clients to achieve their fitness goals. At Elan Image Management, we help our clients in many ways, depending on their starting point on their image journey: We can assist you in discovering your own unique personal style; shop for you to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe; revamp your look; audit your closet so you are optimally wearing all your clothes; conduct a color analysis to identify your 'power' colors; work on your poise and non verbal cues; be your very own fashion stylist; help with career advancement so that you look the part of the position you are vying for; and much more! Most of our consultations are in-person in the DC/MD/VA metro area but we do have clients in other cities that we work with 'virtually.'

Founder and President, Natalie Jobity, is passionate about what she coins "Presence with a Purpose." As she puts it, "Each individual has a unique life situation, personality and purpose that impact how they want to be perceived. Your image must align with who you really are and be in synch with the goals you want to achieve. For example, if you are a single woman who wants a committed relationship, your image and clothing need to reflect your goal of finding a new partner. When people see you they should think, there goes "whatshername" she is so approachable, appealing, attractive, confident, alluring, available, etc. Our image needs to be a conscious choice that we are attuned to at all times. Unfortunately, most people take their image for granted or avoid addressing it altogether."

Natalie brings a keen intuition, sensitivity and compassion coupled with candor and honesty when working with her clients. Before working with a new client, Natalie assesses their needs and clarifies their expectations of their image makeover. Sometimes it is as simple as 'I need a new look.' But often it is as complex as re-discovering the individual's sense of style and teaching them how to dress according to their lifestyle and body type and assisting them with shopping for clothes in styles they may have never considered. For all, the journey is one of self discovery, acceptance, excitement and education. Ultimately, an image makeover is about changing people's lives in positive and self-affirming ways.

It's not too late to get started on your image journey. The right time is when you make the conscious decision that you need to change and that you need help-just like any other New Year's resolution. Your image consultant is really your personal coach in the image arena. The majority of Elan's clients reach out for help themselves but sometimes it can be a spouse or partner who gives the gift of an image makeover. What better way to treat someone you love with a unique gift that can literally change their lives. Or better yet, treat yourself. You absolutely deserve it!