Nearly three-quarters of shoppers more likely to purchase from a dealer using KBB endorsements
Feb 09,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Study Shows KBB Branding Has Positive Impact among New and Used In-Market Buyers

A recent survey conducted on Kelley Blue Book's found 72 percent of in-market new and used vehicle shoppers are more likely to purchase a vehicle from a dealership using Kelley Blue Book endorsements such as values on dealer Web sites or their lots. In addition, 67 percent of shoppers favored dealers displaying Kelley Blue Book branding, increasing their likelihood to purchase from those dealerships.

"Associating a dealer's name with the Kelley Blue Book brand and using our well-known vehicle values has proven to build trust between the shopper and the dealer, and improve the overall buying process," said Mike Romano, vice president, dealer strategy, Kelley Blue Book. "This survey reflects Kelley Blue Book's strong consumer brand perception and recognition at the dealership, turning potential buyers, into actual buyers."

The study, which surveyed more than 400 respondents in January, also found more than 60 percent of in-market shoppers found dealer information such as location, address, phone numbers, and links to their Web sites in their advertising to be very helpful information. Ninety-three percent of shoppers indicated they would be more likely to buy from a dealership if they offered actual pictures of the vehicle. Among these shoppers, half would like to see six to 10 pictures of both new and used vehicles.

Kelley Blue Book offers a wide range of industry-leading dealer products such as KARPOWER, which enables dealerships with the ability to print and post custom Kelley Blue Book window stickers complete with values directly onto dealer inventory. Other programs such as LeadDriver allow dealers to quickly and easily Kelley Blue Book's brand recognition and provide trade-in values from within a dealer's Web sites. CDMdata, Inc., a Kelley Blue Book company, offers the DigitalLot Solution, the most advanced data-gathering tool and software system for managing online marketing and window stickers. And iTab, part of the DigitalLot Solution, incorporates a small computer, VIN scanner, and digital camera, allowing dealers to instantly scan a vehicle's bar code to collect its basic information, take pictures, sort inventory and more, all of which are instantaneously uploaded to a dealer's own site and uploaded to other vehicle marketing Web sites. Additional information on these and other Kelley Blue Book dealer products and services can be found at