'The K-9 Chronicles': New book follows adventures of K-9 working in narcotics unit of LAPD in his own words
Feb 09,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Join Serpico Wolfgang Krugel as he shares his adventures working in the Los Angeles Police Department narcotics unit in his new book, "The K-9 Chronicles: Book One"

This book is the first in a series of fictional books inspired by real- life dogs and events in their lives. Each book focuses on the story of a different law enforcement K-9 that is scheduled to be euthanized, but then saved by Jake, a former LAPD cop with a mysterious and troubled past.

'The K-9 Chronicles' - Hardcover: 144 pages - Publisher: AuthorHouse
Serpico is a German-born Rottweiler from a long line of Rottweilers that have been bred and raised specifically for law enforcement work. He is flown to New York where he meets other dogs who have been gathered in a holding area and are being readied to be dispersed to various cities in the United States for training as police K-9s. It is here that he learns his final destination and destiny: Los Angeles, where he will be trained as an LAPD narcotic K-9.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Serpico is immediately taken to LAPD headquarters and meets his partner, Doc, who is in charge of the K-9 narcotics unit. He and Doc eventually become one of the division's most successful teams. Then early one morning, while on a drug bust, something goes terribly wrong. Serpico is shot in the line of duty as he saves Doc's life.

Serpico is rushed to the nearest (human) hospital with grave wounds in his leg and shoulder. The doctor tells Doc that the "humane" option is to have him euthanized. Doc refuses and calls on his old friend Jake, a former police officer, to help save Serpico. Jake already has two working K-9s at home and is reluctant to take in another one, but relents when he sees Doc's desperation.

Serpico receives a successful operation by Dr. Wilson, a canine orthopedic surgeon. Jake, who continually wrestles with his own inner demons, forms a rare bond with both Serpico and Dr. Wilson. Fearing that adding Serpico to his home will disrupt the lives of his other two dogs, Jake sends him to dog whisperer Cesar Millan's "boot camp." After training is complete, Serpico is ready to go home with Jake and face the challenge of joining the pack - his new family.

Serpico Wolfgang Krugel lives in Pasadena, Calif., with his two brothers and sister, all working K-9s. After the amputation of his front leg and shoulder, he not only recovered, but now runs two miles every other day, trains at least once a week and has become an inspiration to his fellow K-9 officers. "The K-9 Chronicles" is his first book. Following in his paw prints, his brothers and sister are working on their own stories of working in law enforcement.