Let Jimmy Hoffa Lie
Jun 14,2006 00:00 by The Peoria (Ill.) Journal Star
With congressmen allegedly accepting bribes, drug-runners crossing the border and Osama bin Laden on the lam, the FBI has a lot on its plate. So it seems a bit odd that agents just spent two weeks looking for Jimmy Hoffa.
Remember him? The Teamsters kingpin with alleged Mafia ties vanished in 1975 and hasn't surfaced since, though for a while postmortem Hoffa sightings were second only to Elvis apparitions. Hoffa's remains are thought to have been tossed in Lake Erie, dumped in a Florida swamp or buried in concrete at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. If the FBI ever finds him, all the fun conspiracy theories will disappear, too.

The latest Hoffa hot spot was a horse farm in suburban Michigan, where the bureau employed several dozen agents, archaeologists, cadaver-sniffing dogs and a demolition crew, to no avail and at great expense, though spokesmen won't say how much.
Whaddya mean, they won't say how much they're socking taxpayers for in this 31-year-old wild goose chase? This is the same FBI that complained about understaffing and underfunding after 9/11. Isn't money better spent protecting the U.S. from a terrorist attack? Private money raised the Titanic; let private money try to raise Jimmy Hoffa, too.
The Peoria (Ill.) Journal Star
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