Evo code converter enhanced with new object re-use capabilities
Feb 09,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Vgo Software Corp continues to improve its leading Evo product, a next-generation, automated Oracle Forms to Java-J2EE database application conversion solution with the addition of object re-use and consolidation capabilities.

Older client-server applications often repeat the same logic, or function, multiple times within their source code. Often this code is repeated many times in different programs throughout the application. Making a change to that function is time-consuming since it needs to be changed in each location.

Evo's automatic translation engine has the ability to analyze an existing Oracle Forms application, identify these duplicative functions, aggregate them into user-defined base-classes, and then refer to that class as needed. This provides a cleanly converted application that is easy to maintain and support.

"Adding the ability to consolidate redundant components within Evo greatly improves the quality, clarity and maintainability of the resulting converted code," says Ernst Renner, Vgo's CEO. "Our solution continues to provide end users and professional services firms with the highest-quality, most standard, and easiest to maintain code available in the market when modernizing Oracle Forms applications."

Evo is priced starting at $10,000 and structured on a per-form basis depending on a customer's requirements.